Monday, August 12, 2013

Songs from The Blue House 'Live' out 26/8/13

You know what it’s like at parties. Some people pop their heads round the door just to be polite and say hello before moving on to another engagement, some arrive fashionably late, flirt outrageously with the other guests and depart leaving cigarette burns in the carpet that you don’t spot until three weeks later. A few turn up uninvited, stash their booze in the washing machine and then stay up all night talking until the only things left to drink are those brightly-coloured bottles you got in for that fancy-dress themed cocktail party a couple of years ago. Some people you get introduced to for the first time in the queue for the bathroom and hit it off so well that you wonder why you haven’t already been best friends for years. The Blue House party has been going on for a decade now, so it is time to thank everyone who RSVP’d the invite, brought a bottle, made a dessert or just popped in for a time while they waited for a cab. We are Songs from The Blue House, and this is what we do.