Friday, September 25, 2009

All These Little Pieces...

So, what's occurring then?

Firstly, Thursday nights will continue to reverberate to the haunting sounds of Why The Long Face? on Ipswich Community Radio 105.7 FM between ten and midnight or at where you can also listen again to last week's show. Neale and I have been recommissioned for a second series and we're in a rich vein of form at the moment, so catch it before the bubble bursts. Regular features include Philip Bryer's None of Your Business, Brian Blessed Playhouse and Celebrity Death Watch (for instance we were on air the night Michael Jackson bought the farm, or Neverland as some folk refer to it).

The follow up to Do You Do Any Wings? - everybody's favourite rock memoir of 2008 - is currently under revision and should be out by Christmas. The new volume will deal with what we like to refer to as the Songs from The Blue House years and inside you'll find reflections on such things as The Oxford Folk Festival, playing Cornbury with Robert Plant, Acorn Fayre and writing songs with James Partridge, who has also supplied an introduction, prologue or preface, depending on what we decide it is. We did a photo session for the cover last week and it should provide ample amusement for album sleeve trivia spotters.

Songs from The Blue House have a couple more gigs to go this year (see for details) and we're rather hoping that the soundtrack to new independent movie Coyote County Loser will include our Beartown Road should it surface. Also in the pending file, we're still waiting on Dame Judy Dyble's retrospective boxed set to see if our unreleased Little No-One makes the cut.

Finally, I was privy to an extraordinarily kind communication from a friend of the band from California today, the actual content of which which must remain private, but which reaffirmed my faith in the generosity of talented people. Thanks, Monkey. :-)

Be kind.
More soon.

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