Sunday, November 15, 2009

I second that emulsion.

It's been said that being in a band is like being in a marriage*. I wouldn't necessarily go quite that far, being (as I am) in a conventional marriage already, but it's certainly one of the more intensive, if not invasive, relationships you'll ever be fortunate enough to have. It's more like, oh, possibly an open marriage, say, or a polygamous one. Certainly when your (ex) partner moves on to someone new, the situation has the propensity to be one of those times when you can't help but wonder out loud about their new love; you find yourself checking out pictures of them together, wondering if you should have stayed that bit longer, looking back on those special times and wondering if you should or could have done anything different. What is it, you think, that's so special about their new partner(s), even though, deep down, you already know.
Those reunion albums, those nostalgia tours, every one off reunion gig ('for the fans', naturally) that you nurture, they're all one step off've picking up the phone after one too many late night gins and asking what the hell went wrong (you've read/seen High Fidelity, right?) Occasionally you might look back, pausing long enough only to take your rose tinted spectacles off, wipe a nostalgic tear from your cheek and sniff that you were right to move on and that things will never be the same for them, that they'll never know what they're missing, and that if they don't wake up in the middle of the night clutching the space that you used to occupy, then they darned well should do. Then you take a long pull on your Jack & Coke, substitute 'you' for 'they' and move on.
Every once in a while though, it's good to flirt with an ex. I hope to be at my friend Ross's birthday party in December, and we'll see then if there's still something between us. We'll show those new partners, those exes, and those who've fooled around with us in the mean time what they've been missing. Oh yes we will.

*Brian Molko out of Placebo, since you ask.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

All These Littles Pieces

I am pleased and proud to announce the arrival of second best thing I've had delivered this week. Ease up on that scrolling finger, friends! No need to take the lap top into the bathroom with you when you get to a good bit! Highlights from the Songs from The Blue House back pages, lovingly compiled into one handy volume, for all your stocking-filling needs.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

"Thundering acoustic guitar licks..."

A recent review confirms that I really am in a band, and illuminates a few details which will also be be covered briefly in the forthcoming All These Little Pieces - available shortly.