Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"I keep getting the nagging feeling I've slept somewhere before..."*

I had the great pleasure of attending the palatial country pile of Tony James Shevlin (pictured right, performing at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville) this week for the purpose of brushing up on a few licks in advance of our return to active duty in Kelvedon next month. As well as conquering the expanding markets of the Suffolk borders Shev has designs on several territories far west of the Posh North Essex demographic and was pleased to be able to confide that he was fairly confident of securing an engagement in Athens, Georgia this Summer - this being the home of Pylon, Matthew Sweet, The B-52s and (probably most notably) REM. He mused that this would be a splendid opportunity to perform a number close to both the hearts of his potential audience and to himself - not his regular function band staple Love Shack, but the self-penned and Troggs-tastic Deja Vu, recorded by none other than Reg Presley himself with one-time jobbing backing band Peter Buck, Mike Mills and Bill Berry. The only problem was that he couldn't comprehensively remember exactly how the two decades-old song actually went.
"What did you do?" asked concerned co-vocalist and percussionista Jules. "Find an old demo, hook up the record deck, search through your old lyric folder..?"
"Looked the video up on YouTube for the chords and found the words through Google" he confirmed happily. "Isn't technology wonderful?"

*The phenomenon known as Duvet Ja (Thanks to Harry Harris). 

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