Friday, November 07, 2014

Donkey Horsey - Another Guest Blog... linked to below, in which I am referred to as a putative 'George', a 'Miami Steve' and an - if you will - 'Fancy'. I prefer the sobriquet 'Sancho'*. Within his blog Mr. Shevlin refers to our seventeen year engagement, the onset of which we were reminiscing about only the other morning. Having been the only person to respond to our notice in The Grapevine seeking someone to fill the recently-vacated John spot in our Beatles specialist band The Star Club, he'd come round to the drummer's house for a run-through of some songs and to see if and how we all got on with each other. As it turned out, he wasn't able to fulfil any gigs immediately as he was being flown to Australia as a result of winning some song writing competiton or another, but it all seemed to go quite well and we agreed that we'd meet up again after he got back. We went for a drink in the local pub afterwards to celebrate and, as these things tend to do, the guitar case (containing the very Takamine referred to in the blog after this one, regarding recording acoustic guitars) he was carrying attracted the attention of the landlord - keen, it would appear, to engage the services of a musician such as he to enliven the quiet weekday evenings. Thursdays, I think he mentioned. "So, what kind of music do you play?" enquired mine host. 

Shev thoughtfully placed his glass back on to the table and, with the practised ease of the professional musician, channelled his inner Sammy Cahn. "What sort of music do you need?"

*Sancho Panza offers interpolated narrative voice throughout the tale, a literary convention invented by Cervantes. Sancho is the everyman, who remains his ever-faithful companion, realist, and functions as the clever sidekick. (Wikipedia)

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