Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Can of Peas?

And so, to The Dove, where The Singer and I are due to launch the book of the blog of the band and so are astonishingly nervous. I have been into the local BBC radio station earlier in the evening and been interviewed on the drivetime show, during which I have managed to shoehorn into the general chat the phrase 'crypto situationist agenda' which makes me almost as happy as chipping in with "You should see the size of his shoes!" Both of these have been suggested by chums, both of whom I will meet later on this evening but only one of which will turn up later with two crates of cunningly re-branded Brewers Gold with new labels and everything stuck on. They threatened that they'd get their kids to do it.
The interview was great, the readings at the show (by DJ Simon Talbot out of,uk were fantastic - he has the gravitas, delivery and tone that we who have never worked for the BBC can never aspire to - and my parents turned up. Little sister (Don't you do what your big sister done) tried, but the artist formerly known as D J Chatterbox's spiel outdid even her signlanguaging skills, and more fast food arrived than even our hungry chops could deal with.
As literary launches go (not that I have an enormous backlog of experiences of this sort of thing to go on) I think it was a hit. And now, having had the company of more ex-drummers than one rough old acoustic set could ordinarily bear, I'd like to thank The Dove, The Crouch Vale Brewery, Picturehouse , My Family, My get the idea.

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